Financial Needs Met With One Bank

Nexbank is a leading financial institution located in Dallas, Texas. As of 2017, they have $5.3 billion in assets. With an original charter going back to 1922, they have decades of solid banking and financial history. They specialize in commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking. Nexbank can supply customized banking services to customers throughout the nation.

Nexbank offers commercial banking programs that are second to none. They provide expertise in real estate lending, commercial lending, credit services and treasury management. Nexbank can be a major assistance in all commercial financial needs.

Nexbank also offers a wide selection of personal banking services, including savings accounts, checking accounts and home mortgage services. They have always focused on having a client focused approach, and they strive to be a trusted partner to families and individuals.

Nexbank recently raised $24 million in common equity capital. The raising of this working capital will be directed for general corporate operational purposes. This financial boost is expected to improve the liquidity profile and earnings of the bank, and it is already beginning to pay off. They recently received an upgrade in outlook from Kroll Bond Rating Agency. The Kroll Agency upgraded Nexbank’s senior unsecured debt rating and its deposit rating to BBB+. Nexbank continues to maintain its well-capitalized status, with a Tier 1 leverage rating. They continue to have a low leverage rating and a low risk based capital ratio, ensuring customers that the bank is on secure and stable monetary ground.

Nexbank offers services to meet both business and personal banking needs. It has a long, proven track record and a healthy financial rating. Nexbank can supply a strong foundation of safety, security and dependability in all financial matters.