Purina Beneful Greatly Benefits Growing Puppies

Purina Beneful is one of the leading dog food brands in the world. Products range from dry dog food, wet dog food, and even dog treats. They aim to make nutritious food for dogs of all ages, even puppies who tend to need the most care and strict diets.

Beneful puppy food is healthy for growing dogs because it contains real ingredients including veggies like peas and carrots. The puppy food is also enriched with whole grains and DHA which is proven to help support dog development. Beneful even gives recommendations on when and what type of food to feed a young puppy. They suggest starting puppies who begin nibbling around 3-4 weeks on Beneful healthy puppy mix. Then at six to twelve months, actually let the puppy eat meals instead of just nibbling. At age one the puppies should be transitioned to an adult food like Beneful Originals. Some of the more popular flavors included in the puppy line are real chicken and real beef.

Beneful offers a huge variety of dog food options online and in many stores. Coupons can usually be found in ads like newspapers, from actual store websites, or from places like Beneful’s own website and Facebook page. It’s always a good idea to do a google search for coupons beforehand, that way you can get the best deal possible. To know more click here.