Bruce Bent II And The Secrets Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Bruce Bent II is an entrepreneur that is very experienced in his field of expertise. He’s excellent at creating innovative assessment and cash related solutions with a qualified plan. He has an entrepreneurial drive and vision that is very influential in the technological development of cash sweep an expansion of FDIC programs. Bruce is currently holding over 60 privately-held patents for his inventions.
He is also a manager and Chief Executive Officer of The Reserve which is FDIC cash management business and money market mutual fund.

Before the financial crisis of 2008, Bent was the President of The Reserve which was headquartered in New York. The reserve had over 300 people as employees who worked as sales professionals throughout the nation. Under Bent’s guidance the organization was able to have over 130 billion dollars worth of assets and cash products in a 17-year timeframe.

Quoted in the Wall Street Journal he was featured in a book called leadership secrets of the world’s most successful CEOs.
Which has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial Ventures including financial technologies, health care financing and business consulting. He is currently the member of the Young Presidents organization which is a network that connects 10,000 young Global Business Leaders around the world. He earned his bachelor’s degree of Science in Philosophy from the Northeastern University and a typical day for Bruce is constantly moving and making sure that he has his phone and computer. He has commented that as long as he has his phone and computer he is able to have a very productive day.

He understands that to bring ideas to life you need a team but it only takes one person to come up with the idea. However, one without the other will not succeed. Bent enjoys surrounding himself around smart people that keep things practical in the real world today. One habit that has made him successful throughout his career is his stubbornness. He doesn’t know if it’s considered a flaw or a trait but he does not enjoy hearing the word no and never gives up on his goals.

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