Ara Chackerian is Reinventing The US Healthcare System

You might think that this is a pretty bold statement. How can one person reinvent a healthcare system? No one person can, but Chackerian has a vested interest in healthcare technology. He also has the drive and determination to set the wheels in motion and implement his ideas for bettering the lives of patients, physicians, and other healthcare providers.

Digital intervention is the process in which information is exchanged digitally so patients get the treatment they need quickly. This intervention can be as simple as monitoring sleep patterns or as complex as reviewing complicated medical procedures.

Chackerian has more than 20 years experience building healthcare companies that are involved in a variety of healthcare services. Two of the healthcare companies he invested in are TMS Health Solutions and PipelinkRX. Chackerian is also the managing partner of ACS Capital Holdings LLC. His background and expertise are in healthcare technology. He believes strongly in helping early-stage healthcare organizations move forward. For more details visit Crunchbase.

TMS Health Solutions is a healthcare organization dedicated to helping people that suffer from depression that is not easily treated by conventional means. This new type of treatment for major depression is called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). By using this technology alongside the normal treatment options, patients have experienced relief from symptoms. Chackerian hopes to make healthcare facilities aware of this new treatment option. The combination of Dr. Richard Bermudas’ ideas and the knowledge that Chackerian has is what keeps this company running smoothly. Check out their website

Chackerian is a futurist. He believes that digital healthcare is here to stay. Tech-centric operations do help patients and their doctors get the information they need quickly. Today’s healthcare system is very data oriented. Big data does drive health care decisions. The reinvention of the US Healthcare system will take some time, but Chackerian is doing his part to encourage its growth.

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