A Look At Some Of The Topics On Dr. Clay Siegall’s Blog

Seattle Genetics top executive, Clay Siegall, has a blog that covers a wide variety of topics. His most recent post is on Hurricane Irma and the threat it represents to those in the Carribean as well as potentially Florida or South Carolina depending on what path it takes. The article he posted, which appeared on NPR, tells people everything they need to know about the hurricane so that they can stay safe, hopefully by leaving the affected area before it strikes.

Clay Siegall is also a big NFL fan. He also posted an article he found on ESPN about the Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco. Due to injury, Joe Flacco missed the entire preseason. He will be ready for week one of the season, though. He said that the situation wasn’t ideal as he didn’t get in the work he needed in order to perform at his best. Nonetheless, he says he feels good and is prepared as he can be for the start of the season.

It was in 1998 that Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics. He works as the company’s chairman of the board, CEO, and president. His company creates targeted cancer therapies. The research they perform is on antibody drug conjugates which have shown great promise in successfully treating various types of cancer. The first drug he led to market was Adcetris which was approved by the FDA to treat two forms of lymphoma.

As the top executive at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall is responsible for building strategic licensing alignments with other companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the big names he has developed partnerships with are Roche, Pfizer, and AbbVie. So far these licensing agreements have resulted in $300 million in revenue being created for Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall is also responsible for raising capital for his company. He has brought in over $675 million through these fund raising efforts. He also led the company IPO which occurred in 2001.

Clay Siegall earned his Ph.D. in genetics at George Washington University. He earned his bachelor’s at the University of Maryland.