Meet the Daring Talos Energy

It was 48 hours after Harvey’s tropical torment when Tim’s suburb streets became impassable with the powers off and darkness ruling the area. The news came out that another Hurricane Harvey’s great floodwaters were to hit the entire area. Duncan acted fast and took his wife along with his six-year-old son by his rescue team. That made the CEO for Talos energy a bit confused.

The Talos CEO had been preparing to close a 2.5 billion dollar merger deal with the renowned Stone Energy. Stone Energy is a company that was considered bankrupt even though it was publicly traded. The entire plan was perilous but Duncan believed that the business would make him a public figure with no aim to make the company reliance on the general public. Tim was confident that he would close the deal without the excuse of the expected floods in the area.

Tim then took a private plane together with his family and boarded to Alabama. He then came back to Texas where he decided to stay at his mother’s place while working on the plan. The location was inviting even though it was high and dry. Tim had an objective to work for late nights and come up with a plan to negotiate with the CEO of stone energy towards a successful merger. Tim Duncan has to seal the deal from his mother dining room.

Following the success of the deal, Talos will have the opportunity to take over all the stone listings and preside as the oil company’s annual revenue which was almost 900 million dollars. That would mean that all the Assets of Talos Energy will be moved to the Gulf of Mexico. Nevertheless, the company’s low-risk balance would be expected to offset the various extensive operating risks in such an area. In this area, the drilling cost will be high with the much operating cost required. The risks involved in such an area also go beyond recognition.

Many people would say that this was a contrarian bet, with other companies located in higher fields where technology would be more appropriate. The location also has high catastrophic risks because of its nearness to the water masses. However, the company proves to be a wildcatter taking chances in such an area which is beyond the U.S waters. Despite its place in political Mexico, the company can produce over 4800 barrels in any given day. Mexico is also well known for its various political insecurities. One of the most promising assets Talos shall inherit from stone is the excellent Pompano platform, which was acquired for 200 million dollars from BP together with other prospects ready for drilling. That is a proof that Duncan would make opportunities a success in the midst of crises.


Jeremy Goldstein – Reputed Corporate Attorney with Over a Decade of Experience

No matter what kind of legal issues you are facing, rest assured there is always a way out. However, to find a way out, you will have to consult with a reputed attorney.

A reputed and experienced attorney would understand your position and help you find a legal solution that you can trust. With so many attorneys available these days, it has become difficult to comprehend which lawyer is best suited for your case.

It is for this reason the New York State Bar Council announced that it would be launching an online medium to find a suitable lawyer. The new lawyer reference and information scheme would be helping match people with the right lawyer as per their case.

There are many people who struggle with legal cases, especially when handling legal matters for the first time. Many lawyers claim that they have handled numerous cases like the one in hand successfully, but in reality, the truth is something else.

Having such a lawyer handling your case can be disastrous for you in such times when you are already stressed. The new LRIS scheme from the New York State Bar Council is very helpful for people who are not much experienced with legal matters. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most reputed lawyers in New York, specializing in advising compensation committee, corporate affairs, financial law, mergers and acquisitions, and so on.

He has handled numerous cases for his clients successfully over the years and has worked with law firms like Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.

Working with such reputed law firms has ensured that Jeremy Goldstein gets the experience and the exposure needed to succeed later in life.

The good thing about Jeremy Goldstein is that he takes care of the clients’ requirements and ensures that the desired results are provided.

Jeremy has provided great contribution in many large-scale mergers and acquisitions, including for Duke Energy and Process Energy, Godman Sachs, and many others.

Jeremy Goldstein believes that the new online scheme to help people find lawyer would be really helpful for many.

The process of registering for and finding a lawyer through the LRIS scheme is very easy, and interested people just need to fill an application online.

Once the online application is filled with the details of the case and other personal details, the legal staff at bar council would thoroughly go through the case details and find a suitable lawyer for you.

There is no obligation to use the matched lawyer, and most of the lawyers also provide first free consultation, which would be helpful for you.

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Successful Career of Fortress Investment Group co-chairman, Wes Edens

Wes Edens can be described as the ideal finance executive. The businessman is associated with one of the most successful and influential investment companies in the world, known as Fortress Investment Group. Wes joined the prestigious organization when most of the investors in the American corporate department were losing trust in the services they were being given by the companies in the market. Wes promised the consumers something different at the end of the day, and he has been able to deliver despite the numerous challenges that have been presenting themselves. When the success of the alternative investment company is mentioned to the world, the name Wes Edens must always come up. Wes was always a prominent individual in the business department. Edens had climbed the entrepreneurial ladder with his hard work and a lot of commitment.

The finance executive studied the American market and other areas of the world so that he could understand what the customers needed. Edens took his time to research before he could introduce the idea of starting a finance company. Wes Edens first chose to try the American market before he could think about the other parts of the world. Fortunately, the idea he had conceived bore a lot of fruits when the company started expanding. Edens knew that he could not handle all the responsibilities of running a large finance company without getting help from people who knew the market like him. Wes looked for several professionals in the market who shared his vision, and they started the journey to change the market together.

Because he is one of the founders of the largest company in the entire world, Wes Edens has a lot of wealth in his hands. The businessman has a reputation for being a workaholic who works day and night to acquire wealth and also change the lives of the customers who seek his help. The businessman has a variety of responsibilities in his role as co-chairman of the successful institution. The businessman has always been part of the team that makes influential decisions in the large organization. His personal qualities have been playing a very important role in the amount of success the investment company has been getting over the years. Wes Edens has also been very keen when choosing the people he keeps around him. The businessman ensures that he spends time with his four children once in a while.

Patients now benefit from Dr. Johanan Rand’s Anti-aging Program


  1. Johanan Rand, West Orange NJ Bio identical Hormone Specialist, also the President of Healthy Aging in the same Medical Center is a man full of passion. Dr. Johanan Rand’s passion, expertise and experience has driven him to the discovery of various treatment for aging and erectile dysfunction that are aimed to improve the quality of life. His treatment program has been specially tailored for the aging body and developed for personal health of patients. Dr. Dov Rand uses gentle effective techniques that target to restore muscle tone and general balance of the body frame within the gravitational field. With his combined education from Howard University College of Medicine, St Barnabas Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Johanan Rand has developed various options for specific symptoms. It has been the mission of Dr. Rand to provide the patients with preliminary education on their current condition and also be informative as the situation changes for this plays a major role in managing the effects of aging. Traumatic brain injury, excessive weight gain and menopause are just but a number of serious conditions that Dr. Rand offers information on innovative treatment about. He has made his patients understand the role of exercise and diet to maintain general health and also counter hormonal changes since the eves tend to drop as the body ages. Thus Dr. Johanan Rand has developed a comprehensive approach to dietary supplements, hormone therapy and physical therapy. Both men and women get affected by a variety of problems as they age, making it a sensitive issue. Dr. Dov Rand thereby has taken to advocate for proactive measures to treat their conditions as early as possible. Later stages treatment is definitely available in Dr. Rand’s Medical Center but the symptoms can quickly get extreme and potentially debilitating. Dr. Rand has mastered the art and ability to diagnose and treat people suffering from the effects of aging and injury. This has helped in transforming the lives of patients who can now enjoy the benefits of Dr. Johanan Rand’s program. Daily life can therefore be sustainable and patients can easily fulfill their responsibilities.


Introduction to Stansberry Research And Their Examination Of A Potential Trade War With Some Of Our Partners

Stansberry Research continues to comment on the current situation within the United States, and one of the things they are concerned with would be the prospects for war. Consider the following situation:

You see, they realize that the United States is inching ever closer to a potential war…a global trade war that just might jack up the price of many important goods that we in America take for granted on a daily basis. President Trump has pledged to place a tariff on many of our foreign imports because he believes that if things are American made it will help with our job situation. Of course, one problem with this is inherent in this question: what do we do if the other countries impose a tariff in retaliation? The threat is very possible. Of course, another possibility would be that President Trump is simply saying this simply as a future bargaining chip. Considering that he himself he hinted at that it might be entirely possible. Even if Trump’s plan is to bring back jobs within the steel industry, those jobs are likely not coming back. Even if they did because of the tariff, they would only help a select few individuals (just 300,000 Americans).

Does this analysis seem interesting to you? If so, you have Stansberry Research to thank for it. They are one of the premiere political research firms in existence today. They have 500,000 subscribers worldwide and they have 70,000 lifetime subscribers. Stansberry research has conducted exhaustive research into all of the things that could affect your investment portfolio. They have a litany of investment research available in order to help investors of all different types of risks and tastes. These newsletters would include the Stansberry Alpha, which is a conservative guide that shows an investor how to utilize simple options trading to increase their portfolio. These would also include “The Retirement Trader”, which shows readers a conservative way to double or even trip their gains with as much minimized risk as possible. These are the tools of the trade for Stansberry Research (Chronicleweek). They realize that knowledge is power, and they work extremely hard to help get the best out of your investments.

Kamil Idris: Views on Intellectual Property and Globalization

Whenever intellectual property day is approaching, some people rarely get the meaning of the wheel process. Some are left wondering why it is given great concern. Kamil Idris has a great understanding of intellectual property, and he passes this knowledge through his books that are mainly available on Amazon. The world intellectual property organization is committed to using intellectual property in spreading and harnessing the power of the innovations and creativity from individuals in every community, society, and country. They pay attention to artists and investors whether great or small. These people bring fruits of innovations and envision the creative visions. This is done by attaching intellectual property to rights. The rights are expressed in the form of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and industrial designs.


Kamil Idris addresses the globalization and intellectual property in this digital age. The intellectual property rights take charge on matters around art, science, literature, trade, food, health, and economic. The rights are meant to give freedom to the individuals to have ideas in the industrial market as a product or an invention. The fact is that the countries that are exposed to technological access have more resources and power to buy patents from the less improve countries. Through a recent interview, Kamil Idris said that globalization has various ways of affecting the intellectual property rights. Kamil Idris is a former director general at WIPO, located in Geneva. Idris points out that globalization drives many patents and exports markets that are submitted in the world to have skyrocketed. In this internet age, privacy matters like the patent backlogs and counter fitting have caused the current age define them in an ill manner. Some of the challenges that are facing the IP laws in this digital era includes piracy and counterfeit. Kamil Idris insists that there is need to take focus in the resources and pay more attention to the development of IP capacity and IP training as well as human resources. Most patent applications take longer to be processed as even the most developed countries fail to give the information in an organized and timely period. This appears vague, and most of the developing countries are fearful of entering the system. Most developing countries lack training and resources about the intellectual property and so keep lagging behind. Despite the fact that there is technology, such countries continue to fall behind. However, there are those that are already experiencing the benefits of intellectual property.


Dr. Mark McKenna Has Built A Successful Entrepreneurial Career By Continuing To Think Outside The Box:

Licensed surgeon Dr. Mark McKenna holds a medical degree from the medical school at Tulane University. Today, he is quickly becoming one of the leading figures in the field of medical aesthetics but he has also had a successful career in the real estate development business with his own firm McKenna Venture Investments.

When he graduated from medical school in 1999, Dr. Mark McKenna took an unconventional path to becoming a nationally recognized as a leader in the medical aesthetics field. Dr. McKenna did practice medicine for a time in his father’s practice but soon found himself wanting to venture out on his own. When he did, it wasn’t to something else in the medical field but instead a foray into the world of real estate development. He built up New Orleans based McKenna Venture Investments into a true success story, but almost overnight, a lot of what he had built came crashing down. The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina was strongly felt by Dr. Mark McKenna who suddenly lost millions in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Dr. McKenna was not one to give up in the face of difficult circumstances and soon relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to start a new venture, this time a medical practice focusing on wellness that he called ShapeMed.

ShapeMed was Dr. Mark McKenna’s first foray into the world of aesthetics procedures and elective medicine. ShapeMed was a provider of elective medical procedures that include laser removal of hair and Botox treatments. The company also counselled patients in the areas of weight loss and nutrition. The success of ShapeMed was such that soon Dr. McKenna had potential buyers courting him. He sold the company to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014 but continued on with the company through the 2016 calendar year.

Dr. Mark McKenna has recently put his close to twenty years of experience to work yet again on his newest entrepreneurial endeavour in the medical field. This project is called OVME and it is quickly gaining a stellar reputation in the medical aesthetics field. The innovative concept behind OVME is that it is more than just a medical practice that patients can travel to for elective medical procedures. Dr. Mark McKenna wants to do something fresh in the industry by offering patients a national network of providers that can make house calls. This program will be facilitated by the OVME app. It is this kind of forward-thinking attitude that has always managed to help Dr. McKenna end up at the head of a successful business for the last twenty years.

Struggles Of Eric Lefkosky’s Company In Fighting Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969, in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. He is the CEO and the co-founder of Tempus, a company based in Chicago, Illinois, United States that tries to fight cancer using the modern technology. He is a great entrepreneur who has also co-founded other companies including Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, and Innerworkings among others.

Accompanied by his wife Liz, Eric Lefkofsky also stated his own charity institution in 2006 which he named Lefkofsky Family foundation. The main objective of forming this foundation was expanding enterprises that improved the lives of people in their neighborhoods.

Since its foundation in 2015, Tempus majors in keeping proper records of their cancer patients in order to help them save lives of other patients. The company tries to come up with a precision medicine using information generated from DNA of their patients. All this efforts are centered on bringing together the patient’s data which is based on both medical and molecular examinations. With this data, the laboratory doctors are able to come up with the correct results and make right resolutions on how to treat the cancer patients.

The company has recently been ranked among the leading health care organizations in Chicago due to its efforts of fighting cancer, a deadly disease. It has even partnered with many other health organizations and learning centers in their struggle to find hope for cancer patients. The patients in these organizations are directed to them so that Doctors may file a report on how the patients respond to their treatments.

It has also been realized that Alzheimer’s infection can be handled with the provision of enough data from its patients. Other methods of handling the disease have similarly been established. These includes examining loss of memory among the patients and also trying to identify any signs of dementia in their bodies.

This is such a great achievement for the company since Alzheimer’s disease is now able to be detected in a patient at an early stage and hence initiating treatments. Advice is thus given to all persons with any signs of the disease to report earlier to medical institutions for checkups and diagnosis.

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Lori Senecal and Her Passion, Competence and Impressive Prowess to Run A Business’ Operations

While being a business leader isn’t a perilous job, there are risks inherent in running a company or being an executive of one that should be noted all the time. The risks in running a business could mean an ominous cost on your time, health and savings. Because you have so many things to do in your life apart from running a business, being a business executive could add an extra layer of burden to your life, too. Fortunately, there are still impressive people like Lori Senecal that give a simper to all the hurdles and challenges of being a Global CEO. Check out Ideamensch to see more.



The GCReport Recap



The many articles you can read today about Lori Senecal could be a fantastic education for you when you want to learn about how leaders run successful businesses today. However, one news that stands out today and that’s worthy of recapping is the one from Greenport, where a profile of Lori Senecal is showcased in the most poignant and comprehensive way possible.



In the article, we learned that being the Global CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky was a role that Lori Senecal didn’t expect to be easy. Her success in the company could be from the fact that she had a good education in college, but it could also have come from the simple dedication that she has for her positions.



In the article, we also learned that the fuel that pushes her to do her best regarding managing the operations of the company comes from her loving siblings, who are also successful. Their successes are an inspiration to her to do her best without complaint and to not be in abeyance with what she wants to do.



About Lori Senecal



What you probably don’t know yet about Lori Senecal is the fact that she oversees the global growth and expansion of the famous brand, CP+B. Her firm’s dedication for expansion across nine international offices have also been what drives Ms. Senecal to always push for her limits, sustain her desire to do his job and confront the challenges in the job that may appear impossibly refractory.




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Brian Torchin Globally Improving Healthcare

Brian Torchin is the current CEO of HCRC Staffing based in Philadelphia PA as well as being a highly educated healthcare professional that specializes in sports medicine and physical therapy. The goal of HCRC Staffing is to connect medical graduates to healthcare businesses that are seeking qualified staff. This connection has improved the quality of healthcare throughout the US as well as Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia. HCRC has numerous testimonials noting the quality of their referrals as well as the speed of their response. Read more at about Brian Torchin

There are several major problems healthcare businesses have went it comes to finding qualified staff. HCRC Staffing solves many of those problems by connecting screened applicants to businesses allowing them to concentrate on providing quality healthcare. All applicants are extensively interviewed to assure the right fit, and when the right applicant is found they conduct the contract negotiations.

Brian Torchin is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a bachelor of science pre-med degree majoring in exercise science. After graduation he attended New York Chiropractic College receiving a marketable doctor of chiropractic degree.

Feature articles have been published in Simply Hired and on Brian Torchin praising his accomplishments within the healthcare industry. He has also been mentioned in articles on and noting his ability to fill the growing need for healthcare professionals.

He is active on Facebook and Twitter personally managing both accounts. Many of his updates and tweets deal with the healthcare industry. Occasionally he posts job openings throughout the US as well as other countries around the world. These postings have helped hundreds of medical graduates find employment. Visit: