Talk Fusion Teaches Us How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters

As young children, we are taught that we can do anything that we set our minds to if we only persist. However, this is something that is completely discouraged as we get older. We are told that we should be realistic about our goals and reconsider our career choices if they aren’t panning out right away. What happened to the optimism that we once had as young children? In an article on the recently rebranded HuffPost, Talk Fusion shares with us how to succeed and be a winner when most adults are deciding to just quit.


In America today, we are becoming addicted to instant gratification. When things aren’t going our way, it is easy to throw in the towel. Instead of working through hard situations like we used to as a society, we turn away from the important things in our life that require years of dedication. Divorce rates are at an all-time high, and turnover rates at corporates are rising faster than ever before. In order to not be a quitter, you need to work through hard times and put in the hard work needed to succeed. When things get hard, you need to be even harder.


Commitment to a bigger goal is what will help you succeed when you are faced with obstacles that seem too hard to overcome. It is easy to set goals and to be excited about them right off the bat, but the real test is staying motivated about your goals in the long run. If you can stay committed to a bigger vision, you will be much more successful than those who get extremely excited for a short period of time.


Talk Fusion is a great example of a company that has overcome difficulties during their climb to success. Striving to be the leaders in video conferencing technology was never an easy task. With fierce competition, Talk Fusion had to strategically create a business plan that would set them apart from the other video conferencing companies. Talk Fusion was able to adapt with the times as well. With a new youthful marketing approach, Talk Fusion is headed for a bright future.


Jim Tananbaum’s View on Healthcare and Foresight Capital.

In an article on INC42, the CEO of Foresight Capital company Jim Tananbaum is a senior worker in the healthcare industry. He has an experience of over 25 years and has worked in Prospect Venture Partners two and three also Sierra Ventures. He has stakes in large enterprises like Amira Pharmaceuticals, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, and Amerigroup.

Jim has a BS and BSEE from prestigious Yale University. He was at Harvard Medical School that gave him an MD, MIT where he got an MS and also went to Harvard Business School for an MBA. You can visit Insider Monkey for more details.

He recently hired Molly He who has a Ph.D. and is a venture partner. Jim praised him saying that he has an experience of more than 18 years in the pharmaceutical and genomic research and development. Jim said Molly is respected among scientific researchers who major in next-generation sequencing. Jim said that He was going to be helpful in genomics and drug development and her leadership overtime will be brought to the organization and have a positive impact. Foresite will expand their portfolio of excellent products in their transformational companies. Jim said that when Dr. He was at Illumina, she made the company shine and contributed to the global protein reagent innovation and improvement.

The Foresite boss stated that the firm had an unparalleled view of investing in the first unique businesses in the healthcare sector. The company was praised in the meeting as seasoned, dynamic and has a lot of things to achieve and offer the masses. It has made strides in clinical research and drug discoveries.

Jim Tananbaum has founded a company that provides growth capital to the healthcare industry and maximizes the expertise of experienced labor market in the sector. It makes sure that the firm comes with perfect products and services that are safe and used all over the healthcare industry by both public and private investors in the market. The company is situated in San Francisco and offices in New York.

Contribution of Jim to the healthcare sector is evident, and he continues putting in more effort to ensure that the healthcare provision is in check. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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Goettl and the services it offers

According to a recently published article, Goettl offered heat for a family in Las Vegas and also demonstrated the benefits of heating that is zone controlled. Goettl is an air conditioning firm that has offices in Arizona, Phoenix and Las Vegas. The firm has been demonstrating to its customers the importance of a good relationship with the local community and also the world. During the holiday season, provided heat and lighting to a family in Las Vegas. Abana Stephenson and her entire family had been staying in a house that did not have a functioning air conditioning and also a toilet. According to Stephenson, her kids would always go their room to stay cool during summer.

After learning that this family needed help, Michael Gamst who is the Manager of Goettl, sprung into action. The company went to the Stephenson home and immediately installed a heat unit and a new air conditioning. They also installed a toilet for the family without charging them anything. Triple 5 teens, a non-profit organization and Goettl workers gave gifts to the Stephenson family. According to Gamst, the new installation will also ensure that electricity bill of the Stephenson’s will be reduced by half. Goettl has also helped people in conserving energy and also saving heating bills with the use of technological innovation.

Goettl is an air condition company that provides HVAC services to the residents of Arizona and beyond. The company was started in 1926 by the Goettl brothers in Mansfield, Ohio. The company has over the years grown and expanded to become a globally recognized pioneer in the production of evaporative coolers. The company also offers other innovations in cooling and heating technology. Goettl is known for offering HVAC services that are unmatched with other air conditioning companies. It has a reputation as a company that gives back to the community.


Transform Your Luscious Locks with Lime Crime’s New Unicorn Hair

When Lime Crime launched their Unicorn Lipstick line, they set themselves apart from the competition. The lipsticks came in a range of bright colors like blue, yellow, purple, and green. Lime Crime started the trend mainstream makeup is now going crazy for. Unicorns and mermaids, all things bright and sparkle, are very “in” thanks to bold innovation from company founder, Doe Deere.


After three years in the making, the glitzy makeup brand has launched another craze, going above and beyond its other makeup industry counterparts. Unicorn Hair is the newest product in Lime Crime’s Unicorn line. Boasting 13 different shades from baby pink to stone grey, anyone can become the magical unicorn of their dreams. The colors are dreamier and more glamorous than one can imagine. With names like “dirty mermaid,” “chocolate cherry,” and “strawberry jam” how can a girl resist?


Following along with company values the Unicorn Hair dye is cruelty free. However this product line went a little further for all the environmentally conscious and naturally inclined. The dye formula is made entirely of vegan products and does not contain any ammonia or bleach. Have no fear though, the dye won’t wash out after the first shower with your wild and magical locks. Unicorn Hair comes in 2 different formulas. The first is a full coverage formula that will saturate your hair with a deep, rich color. The second is a tint formula best used to create a pastel glaze. It is recommended that these dye’s be used on hair that is medium blonde or lighter.


The tint can last up to 10 washes while the full coverage can last up to 12. But with any rainbow color dye job it really all depends on your hair type and how well you take care of it, so if you are very prudent the color could last up to 6 weeks. Another point worth mentioning is that Unicorn Hair is extremely affordable at only $16. Thanks to Unicorn Hair, there is nothing in the way from letting your true colors shine.

E-governe Vehiculos makes fleet management easy

E-governe is Brazil’s number one e-governance solution. Scaling easily from the township level all the way up to administration of major federal programs, e-governe is taking Brazil’s governance into the 21st century.


Since its first implementations in Brazilian government, e-governe has helped thousands of municipalities and villages go from a paper-based model of government administration to a highly efficient, nearly paperless system, freeing up crucial manpower and fiscal resources to levels previously not possible.


In Rio De Janeiro State alone, e-governe has saved local municipal governments billions of dollars in resources that would have otherwise been wasted on menial tasks, such as filing paperwork and reviewing standard clerical forms.


Today, e-governe is a fully-integrated e-governe solution that not only dramatically increases efficiency while radically cutting costs, it also prevents serious errors and helps fight corruption. The latter is achieved by creating an ultra-high level of accountability and deploying state-of-the-art monitoring systems, relying on artificial intelligence, to detect strange or suspicious transactions and alert the relevant administrators.


This gives governments real power to stave off local corruption at every level. It also gives renewed confidence in government to the people to whom it answers. Through automated processes, e-governe creates seamless interactions with the governmnet’s constituents and allows for the dispensation of government services in a more efficient and fluid way than ever before.


One of the areas in which e-governe is radically altering the ways in which governments carry out their duties is in the realm of fleet management. E-governe Vehiculos is e-governe’s fleet management system. It is fully scalable, from local governmnets with just a few vehicles all the way up to major national agencies overseeing tens of thousands of cars, trucks and aircraft. E-governe puts the most powerful fleet management tools available today into the hands of administrators, creating vast savings and dramatic gains in efficiency.


But e-governe Vehiculos goes far beyond just tracking and accounting for vehicles, fuel and miles driven. The software features a suite of cutting-edge analytics, with powerful artificial-intelligence-based algorithms that can help, for example, a police dispatcher decide exactly how many units to deploy on a given shift, based on the likelihood of criminal activity and emergency calls during that period.


E-governe also creates a high level of accountability, allowing managers to see exactly how vehicles are being used and allowing higher supervisors to see how efficiently fleets are being managed. Such high levels of accountability create value for the taxpayers and instill confidence in a government that is making every effort to dutifully carry out its mission. And all aspects of e-governe’s systems are able to be condensed into easy-to-understand reports, which can be printed or displayed in multiple formats, making it easy to present clear summaries of departmental activity to stakeholders and managers.


Through systems like these, e-govern is removing the haphazard guesswork from governance, replacing it with a systematic approach that eliminates choke points and creates high-functioning and robust models of government. E-governe is making Brazil a model of good governance for all of Latin America.


Clay B. Siegall Has Got Appointed To The Board Of Mirna Therapeutics Inc.

Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D. has been appointed by Mirna Therapeutics to its Board of Directors. This firm is in the biotechnology sector. It is focused on developing and commercializing a number of microRNA (miRNA) therapeutics.


Presently Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., is the co-founder as well as the President of the company called Seattle Genetics. He is working here as the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.


He has wide experience in the field of pharmaceuticals. He has won several awards. He has built a highly successful oncology firm. Hence the Mirna team is planning to make use of these attributes as this can help to advance the development of several therapeutic based on microRNA.


Clay B. Siegall finds this microRNA-based therapeutics as an exciting new field of research on cancer. This is why he feels that Mirna is quite well-placed with its strong lineup of product candidates. Thus he wants to team up with them to advance their programs for the patients who need such programs.


He is going to provide his unique leadership here. This would comprise of having a diverse pipeline that has distinct therapies. These are based on antibodies developed by the company. These will address different medical requirements of those who are suffering from cancer.


The first commercial product that was developed here was ADCETRIS® (brentuximaesid vedotin). It got approved in 2011. Besides, there would be many other products for this company.


Seattle Genetics is going to enter into various other strategic collaborations. These will be with a number of biotechnology as well as pharmaceutical companies in the field of oncology.


Clay B. Siegall is looking into several activities which are linked to raising capital for Seattle Genetics. He has been able to secure $675 million for his company.


Brazil’s Top Advertising Agency, Mullen Lowe

Jose Henrique Borghi belongs to a leading Brazilian advertising agency, Mullen Lowe. Mullen Lowe Brasil is a renown and reliable advertising firm in the advertising industry. Jose Henrique Borghi is highly committed to delivering his promises, and for that reason, he has gained respect from his peers and clients. He highlights the benefits that business people and individual companies get by hiring an advertising consultant to do the advertising on their behalf. Nowadays, hiring an advertising agency is essential to the running of a business or a company. The advertising agencies have emerged and sprouted in large numbers, and today’s entrepreneurs have an array of choices when it comes to products and services advertising.

Jose Henrique Borghi says that if you have a product or service that you intend to advertise, it is only wise that you consult a reputable advertising agency to do the promotion on your behalf. The advertising agencies have a pool of experts that are well trained and by turning to them for help; your advertisement will yield the best results. Advertising agencies, such as Mullen Lowe, are known for saving people of time and money involved in setting a successful campaign. Mullen Lowe comprises of professionals who know how to cater for different client’s needs and achieve satisfactory results.

Jose Henrique Borghi has a vast experience in advertising, promotions, and marketing, and he has a track record of helping many organizations, entrepreneurs, and businesses in achieving their publicity and promotion goals. If you are in Brazil, it is easier to those seeking advertising services, just let the Mullen Lowe agency, under Jose Henrique Borghi leadership, know your needs, and you will get sorted. They are known for delivering top-notch services and exceeding their client’s expectations. They employ successful strategies to meet their client’s needs.

From The Retail Giant, Groupon to the Big Data Startup, Tempus; Eric Lefkofsky Keeps Disrupting Industries as We Know Them

Eric Lefkofsky has built an impeccable career in technology. He uses data to create disruptive brands that take over industries such as commerce, manufacturing, media, and healthcare. Mr. Eric is driven by the resolve to helping professionals make calculated decisions through examining scientific research and data. His background in software development, data mining and analytics has put him ahead of other industry players.

In the US alone over 1.7 million new cases of cancer are reported yearly. This number is bound to rise given that factors such as pollution and poor lifestyle habits are not going away anytime soon. It is against this backdrop that Eric Lefkofsky partnered with his longtime friend to build Tempus. The company relies on big data to provide medical solutions to patients. Through the processes of machine learning and analysis of big data, disease, patient and drugs trends can be established. These trends provide information that can be used by doctors so that they can tailor a patient’s medical needs.

In the past few days, Tempus joined hands with the University of Chicago to fight cancer. The University of Chicago is an academic institution of repute while Tempus is a disruptive brand that relies on big data to help professionals make informed decisions. The combination of this two players is bound to spark innovation and advances in the field of oncology. Click here to know more.

Eric Lefkofsky notes that lack of sufficient information in the area of oncology keeps dragging the rate for which effective treatments are designed. With the partnership that Tempus has put in place, the startup is keen on addressing this major problem. Tempus will avail the institution research data of 1,000 patients who have cancer. The University’s medical professionals will then use the data to come up with more personalized therapies for patients. The data to be collected by Tempus shall include, phenotypic and genomic sequences of patients, and the patient’s response to various treatments.

Eric Lefkofsky began his journey in entrepreneurship after graduating from the University of Michigan with a law degree. Together with his business ally, Kenwell they have been the originators of some of the most successful enterprises ranging from the e-commerce giant Groupon to Tempus which is on the list of the most promising startups.

Avi Weisfogel Declares War Against Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea has becomes one of the most critical challenges in the medical world. For the last few years, most of the doctors have been experiencing sleepless nights researching on the solutions to this mysterious disease. The current research has outlined the relationship between sleep apnea and other lethal body conditions such stroke and diabetes.

Dr Avis Weisfogel is one of the most determined professions who have committed their lives to the Apnea Challenge. In his effort, to find a solution to the disease, Dr Avis founded an organisation known as the Dental Sleep Masters. The members led by Dr Avi Weisfogel has an extensive background knowledge of the Sleep Apnea, and thus they have come together as a team with motives to progress the industry.

Dr Weisfogel spearheads the panel to help in the testing and treatment of the disorder. According to previous research statistics, about 90 percent of the people affected by the disorder are not diagnosed. With this knowledge, Dr Avis and his team are working to ensure that they have created awareness as to as many people as they can.

Dr Avis founded his first dental practice in 1999 and called it the Old Bridge Dental Care. After 15 years of management, Avis was recognised by the community who awarded him several rewards and honorary names such as the Best Dentist of the year. Dr Avis focused his medical research more in the treatment of sleep disorders by looking for ways in which the physicians and dentists can help the apnea patients recover from the disease. Dr Avis have established several companies in the dental industry including the Dental Sleep Masters founded in 2014 to help the dental professions fight with the apnea disorder.

Dr Weisfogel went through the Rutgers University for his underground degree where he studied biology and psychology. He later attended the NY University Dentistry College to further his studies in his field . Dr Avis education background, passion and interest have significantly contributed to his relentless achievements in the career.

USHEALTH Group’s Customer Orientation and Commitment Paying Dividends

USHEALTH Group, a major quality insurance service provider in U.S., is getting increased customer appreciation in the wake its customer commitment and customization. Based in Texas, the firm expanded its services to other U.S. locations with qualified and committed advisors and focused management approach. The firm sells its products through two subsidiaries called National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The firm is focused on providing customized products to individuals, families, and small business establishments by understanding their needs. Through the subsidiaries, the USHEALTH Group has serviced at least 15 million customers till date with some tailored plans of above 50 collective years.

The firm is very particular in making a lasting relationship with customers by providing world-class service. It provides a number of membership services like online access to services and benefits, checking the account details, accessing the PPO Networks, options to find an agent, online assistance, etc. Additionally, people can get the personalized savings, the cost comparison of brand vs. generic, accessing the prescription history, and more. USHEALTH Group offers an extensive range of products to address the need of a vast community of people. It has dental insurance, critical illness, accident and disability protection, income protection solutions, medical insurance, individual health insurance, specific disease protection plans, convertible term life plan for the accident, life, and more, etc. Click here to know more.

The advisor arm of the insurance provider known as USHEALTH Advisors are the primary contributors in the firm’s drive to provide world-class services. Apart from closely working the customers and understanding their needs and concerns, USHEALTH Advisors are also deeply committed to the philanthropic initiatives of the insurance provider. USHEALTH Advisors and the management of the insurance group understand that each customer is different and his or her needs are also different. With that concept, both the advisor group and the firm choose to listen to the customers first and then, workout for their solutions. The professionalism and commitment displayed by the business have helped it to win appreciation from industrial bodies and communities. In February, USHEALTH Advisors won the Gold Stevie® Award for providing excellent Customer Service and Sales. The firm’s CEO Troy McQuagge won the One Planet Awards for professional excellence on January 10, 2017.

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