Keith Mann Provides Executive Leadership At DPS.

Keith Man is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners is a company that offers specialized services in alternative investment as well as hedge funding. This firm is focused on providing comprehensive and executive alternative staffing, and search services to meet the needs of big equity firms. Keith Mann         and his partners established Dynamic Search Partners in the year 2001. Currently, Dynamic Search Partners are among the most respected firms holding the largest investments executive’s databases in the United States.


Keith Mann has had a remarkably outstanding performance in the executive search sector. This performance can be attributed to his vast experience in the field. With a wealth of experience of over 10 years, Keith Mann has garnered notable competence as well as a high level of efficiency. Before he and his partners established Dynamic Search Partners, Keith served Dynamic Search Executives as the managing director. A role that significantly helped him train for global financial services.


Keith Mann established the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002, which was under Dynamic Executive Search. Keith made this move upon realizing that the hedge funding sector was inadequately served for an industry with its kind of rapid development. In 2006 he expanded his service provision to provide services in the private equity industries. This was what led to the founding of the Dynamic Search Partners back in 2009. Dynamic Search Partners is dedicated to working with firms across the world providing them with alternative investment services. This outstanding company files over 200 client mandates every year by offering services to organizations from the United States, Europe as well as Asia.


Keith Mann and the Dynamic Search Partners are also reputed for their philanthropic endeavors. They recently held a fundraising event meant for Uncommon Schools. The event that took place at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden saw Dynamic Search Partners’ members come together to raise over $22,000. Keith is renowned for his commitment to providing quality services and unmatched dedication to the needs of his clients.