Sawyer Howitt Hoped to Be a Racquetball Star

When Sawyer Howitt was still in high school, he was great at racquetball. He knew what he was doing and he won a lot of games through the different things that he played. He also knew a lot about the sport and chose to do things that nobody else had done before him so that he could make things easier during the games that he played. Sawyer Howitt knew that some losses were inevitable with racquetball but he also knew that if he played the game right, he would eventually become the pro that he knew he was capable of being. Sawyer Howitt remained dedicated throughout his high school racquetball career and also knew that playing the game would work best for him if he was able to show other people what he was doing. For Sawyer Howitt, racquetball was the clear choice after he finished attending school in Portland.

Plans changed for him, though, and he began working for his father. This was an excellent opportunity and something that he was grateful for because of the options that it gave him. Sawyer Howitt dove into the world of entrepreneurship and didn’t look back on a career in racquetball. He did always keep it in mind, though, and wanted to make sure that he was able to do something about all of the expert advice he had to give people for the racquetball games that they would be able to play later on in their own lives.

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Since Sawyer Howitt was great at what he did, he decided that giving advice would be the best way for him to make a difference in the world of racquetball. He wanted people to learn more about the sport and learn what they could do with it. He also wanted those same people to be able to get the most out of the sport and decided that teaching them everything that he knew about it would be the best option that he had to show them new things. Sawyer Howitt tried his hardest to make sure that people could learn more about racquetball.

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Financial Needs Met With One Bank

Nexbank is a leading financial institution located in Dallas, Texas. As of 2017, they have $5.3 billion in assets. With an original charter going back to 1922, they have decades of solid banking and financial history. They specialize in commercial banking, mortgage banking and investment banking. Nexbank can supply customized banking services to customers throughout the nation.

Nexbank offers commercial banking programs that are second to none. They provide expertise in real estate lending, commercial lending, credit services and treasury management. Nexbank can be a major assistance in all commercial financial needs.

Nexbank also offers a wide selection of personal banking services, including savings accounts, checking accounts and home mortgage services. They have always focused on having a client focused approach, and they strive to be a trusted partner to families and individuals.

Nexbank recently raised $24 million in common equity capital. The raising of this working capital will be directed for general corporate operational purposes. This financial boost is expected to improve the liquidity profile and earnings of the bank, and it is already beginning to pay off. They recently received an upgrade in outlook from Kroll Bond Rating Agency. The Kroll Agency upgraded Nexbank’s senior unsecured debt rating and its deposit rating to BBB+. Nexbank continues to maintain its well-capitalized status, with a Tier 1 leverage rating. They continue to have a low leverage rating and a low risk based capital ratio, ensuring customers that the bank is on secure and stable monetary ground.

Nexbank offers services to meet both business and personal banking needs. It has a long, proven track record and a healthy financial rating. Nexbank can supply a strong foundation of safety, security and dependability in all financial matters.


What is Success Academy and how is it changing the New York education system?

If you have a child in a New York public school, or work in the city’s education system, you have probably heard of Success Academy. If you have not, do not worry, you soon will.


That is because Success Academy is changing the New York City education system to such an extent, other people in other cities are looking at what they are doing and considering emulating their success in their own city.


What is Success Academy?Success Academy was founded in 2006 by CEO Eva Moskowitz and is a charter school network that aims to give every child the same chance to succeed. Whether they come from low-income families, have special needs, speak English as a second language or are children of color.


In the 11 years it has been in existence, Success Academy has opened and run 41 charter schools around the New York area, and currently provides a quality education for approximately 14,000 children.


How is Success Academy changing the New York education system? — In New York City, just like many cities around America, children from low-income families, those who speak English as a second language and children of color often fall through the cracks when it comes to getting a good education.


They are placed in schools in school districts with too little money, too much violence and with few opportunities for a high quality education. Their opportunities and, thus, the standards they are able to achieve, are often set to a low level before they even have a chance.


Success Academy was founded to create schools for children such as this. Schools that offer them a high quality education, and that give them every resource to be able to learn and to succeed.


These schools are set up in an effort to close the ever-widening gap between under-privileged children and those that start off their lives with every educational opportunity.


Eva Moskowitz has been so successful with the goals she set out to achieve, schools within the Success Academy network are now some of the highest-performing in the state.


In 2016, all of their schools below the high school level appeared in the top 10 percent of schools in New York State when it came to subjects like English, science and math.


Replication of results — Success Academy has been so successful in what it set out to achieve, it is now helping other charter schools around the country replicate its results with the implementation of an online digital platform.


The platform will share all of the organization’s curriculum, educational materials, school set up information and training systems so other charter networks have the resources to do the same thing.

Let Beneful Help Your Pet Control Their Heart Health

Get the most out of all-natural ingredients for your pet with the benefits of Beneful products. You can now find a select brand that is just right for your pet by visiting your local BenefulWalmart retailer. Best of all, if you visit their website you can find coupons that will give you an additional savings offer worth up to 20% off. You won’t be disappointed with the organic ingredients that include beef, chicken, carrots, wild rice, and more. Your pet can maintain a healthy wet dog food is important to their overall lifestyle. You can go for an emergency item and treat your pet companion to a surprise treat conveniently at Walmart to know more chick here:

All natural ingredients cost a bit more, but the ingredients outweigh the cost. Thousands of pets around the world have had a positive reaction to their popular pet food brands. Their focus is quality pet food products that give your pet a happy lifestyle along with improved oral care health. Walmart also carries select gourmet brands that are reasonably priced under $20. Smart pet dry dog food owners worldwide are choosing Beneful and their pets are thanking them for it by becoming companions for years. Wholesome ingredients are packed in each package of their Beneful pet food products.

Igor Cornelsen, the Successful Brazilian Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a well-known retired investment banker responsible for the management of high performing bank institutions worldwide. With this professional experience, Igor is an expert when it comes to making smart investments that are long term in volatile stock markets. He is also a consultant who offers advice to the public.


Igor Cornelsen’s Financial Successes

Igor is an entrepreneur in the stock market who currently works for a company in the Bahamas known as Bainbridge Investments, Inc. In 2011, Igor joined Bainbridge Investments and ever since he has aimed at discovering exciting and creative ways to use the stock market for future purposes successfully. Mr Cornelsen is thriving in the business and investment world. According to him, the Brazilian market is his secret weapon. This market is ranked as the fifth largest economy worldwide.


Cornelsen guided his investment partners and clients accordingly through the market crash that happened globally in 2008. Igor managed to maintain investments of his clientele by guiding them through the difficult historical financial period.


Igor’s Financial Advice

Igor has vast knowledge in the stock market, therefore, new entrants should follow his advice in order to excel. Cornelsen has also learned what practices to apply during the investment process. People who follow Cornelsen’s tips on investment have a higher chance of succeeding in the stock market. A beginner who wants to venture into the stock market and industry successfully has a lot to learn from Igor.


Igor shares useful and helpful advice that assists people in the stock industry. For example, he recommends that people should take the time to be acquainted with the land natives and later on forge relationships before making any moves. Additionally, Cornelsen also advises people to know the restrictions and requirements governing a specific area.


Igor’s Career Background

Igor Cornelsen is currently serving as Bainbridge Inc’s incumbent. Prior to that, he has held a number of high-ranking job positions in a majority of Brazilian banks. Igor retired from those positions in 2010 but focuses on investing as a hobby.


Igor has been a pioneer in the investment strategy of damaged stocked and avoiding the companies that are damaged. This technique is carefully used to explore when there is a strain on the stock prices due to a temporary issue that a company might be experiencing. However potential investors have to avoid actual damaged companies.


Igor is a successful investor who enjoys golfing when he gets free time from his busy schedule.



Purina Beneful Greatly Benefits Growing Puppies

Purina Beneful is one of the leading dog food brands in the world. Products range from dry dog food, wet dog food, and even dog treats. They aim to make nutritious food for dogs of all ages, even puppies who tend to need the most care and strict diets.

Beneful puppy food is healthy for growing dogs because it contains real ingredients including veggies like peas and carrots. The puppy food is also enriched with whole grains and DHA which is proven to help support dog development. Beneful even gives recommendations on when and what type of food to feed a young puppy. They suggest starting puppies who begin nibbling around 3-4 weeks on Beneful healthy puppy mix. Then at six to twelve months, actually let the puppy eat meals instead of just nibbling. At age one the puppies should be transitioned to an adult food like Beneful Originals. Some of the more popular flavors included in the puppy line are real chicken and real beef.

Beneful offers a huge variety of dog food options online and in many stores. Coupons can usually be found in ads like newspapers, from actual store websites, or from places like Beneful’s own website and Facebook page. It’s always a good idea to do a google search for coupons beforehand, that way you can get the best deal possible. To know more click here.

Success Academy Students Earn Top Performance Resulting in Expansion Expectations

Success Academy has a total of 41 charter schools within all boroughs of New York, with the exception of Staten Island. The charter has recently expanded to add another high school to its network which will provide 1,200 new students educational opportunities in the Bronx.


In April of each year, Success Academy grants students access to their charter schools through a lottery pool. This year the school received more than 17,000 applications from students. Leaders of the charter are hoping to see another expansion in the network in order to allow more students to attend the schools in the coming years.


Families, who want their students to receive the type of top education which Success Academy provides, see the idea of expansion as a welcomed solution. With the exceptional outcome of the schools performance each year, the charter network has seen an increase in the number of applicants. This increase goes to the core of the educational efforts put forth by the teachers of Success Academy.


With a one to one relationship with each teacher, students are afforded a more supportive role in learning. The curriculum by the teacher starts with 80 minutes of direct instruction-learning, followed by individual one to one learning which is broken down in much smaller groups. This advanced learning platform has provided students a better opportunity to become fully engaged with their learning, and the teachers have been able to reach a core line within the student’s capabilities to learn.


In 2016, for the eighth consecutive year, Success Academy has over-achieved with top performing test scores. The outstanding student results included 95 percent proficiency in math and 82 percent proficiency in English. In addition, students considered as English Language Lerner’s exceeded their peers statewide.


Many of the students of Success Academy come from low-income families making up 76 percent of the projected 14,000 applicants each year and 95 percent are minorities. With 2017 results totaling 17,000 applicants; 5,600 from the Bronx alone, an expansion development is  the key to students being able to receive the top education which Success Academy has offered since being founded in 2006.


Bruce Bent II And The Secrets Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Bruce Bent II is an entrepreneur that is very experienced in his field of expertise. He’s excellent at creating innovative assessment and cash related solutions with a qualified plan. He has an entrepreneurial drive and vision that is very influential in the technological development of cash sweep an expansion of FDIC programs. Bruce is currently holding over 60 privately-held patents for his inventions.
He is also a manager and Chief Executive Officer of The Reserve which is FDIC cash management business and money market mutual fund.

Before the financial crisis of 2008, Bent was the President of The Reserve which was headquartered in New York. The reserve had over 300 people as employees who worked as sales professionals throughout the nation. Under Bent’s guidance the organization was able to have over 130 billion dollars worth of assets and cash products in a 17-year timeframe.

Quoted in the Wall Street Journal he was featured in a book called leadership secrets of the world’s most successful CEOs.
Which has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial Ventures including financial technologies, health care financing and business consulting. He is currently the member of the Young Presidents organization which is a network that connects 10,000 young Global Business Leaders around the world. He earned his bachelor’s degree of Science in Philosophy from the Northeastern University and a typical day for Bruce is constantly moving and making sure that he has his phone and computer. He has commented that as long as he has his phone and computer he is able to have a very productive day.

He understands that to bring ideas to life you need a team but it only takes one person to come up with the idea. However, one without the other will not succeed. Bent enjoys surrounding himself around smart people that keep things practical in the real world today. One habit that has made him successful throughout his career is his stubbornness. He doesn’t know if it’s considered a flaw or a trait but he does not enjoy hearing the word no and never gives up on his goals.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Establishes New Program To Establish Transparency Between Doctors And Their Patients

At this very moment, numerous people all over the world are undergoing a tremendous amount of pain as a result of being diagnosed with cancer. Cancer causes not just physical pain, but also a great deal of emotional pain. There is no way to sugarcoat the whole period during which one is diagnosed with cancer, but one way to ease a cancer patient’s mind is to give them the best treatment to increase the efficiency of the treatment that they receive. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one organization that is dedicated to giving their patients the absolute best when it comes to cancer treatment. The organization uses some of the best technology and modern methodology to ensure that their patients are taken care of all the time while under treatment. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has centers all around the United States and has treated patients from all over the world. They are ranked among some of the highest grade of hospitals in the country and have an outstanding track record. a

According to WebMD, earlier this year, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America entered into a partnership with NantHealth and Allscripts, to implement modern solutions to offer their patients. This was mainly to give the patients who are coming to them the support that they need to get through the treatment without any hindrances. The solution is to help them with their decisions regarding what treatment they would like to opt for to combat the disease. The entire framework was designed keeping the patients in mind, to ensure that they are comfortable with the treatment that they are receiving.

With this solution, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) was able to connect more with their patients, establishing a greater sense of transparency between the patients and the doctors who are treating them.

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The Benefits of Concession of Basic Sanitation Services in Brazil

The Brazilian government through the partnership of BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) has announced a concession that if implemented will greatly benefit the industry. Sanitation services is an imperative factor in the economy. According to the president of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos, if some of those suggested points in the concession will be implemented, then the Brazilian sanitation sector will benefit greatly both in management and resources.


One man who also shares his sentiments and believes in the concessions made by the government is Felipe Montoro Jens. Mr. Felipe is a specialist in sanitation infrastructure projects, and like Mr. Edison, believes too that the proposals will benefit their industry both in terms of management and structural development. Felipe adds that thanks to this partnership, the level of wastes in the economy will go down and volumes of water loss will be greatly reduced.


In explaining his opinions, Felipe notes that the private sector is better placed to carry out certain tasks thanks to the availability of resources at their disposal. By collaborating with them, the government will be able to maximize on these resources hence improving sewage systems and water systems. With this achieved, the financial losses experienced in the sanitation sector will be reduced if not prevented.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-established business executive in the Brazilian sanitation industry. Currently, Mr. Felipe is the chief executive officer of Energipar Captacao S.A. Felipe is well educated and brings a breadth of knowledge to the company. He is a business administration graduate from Fundao Getulio Vargas (FGV) and a master’s graduate in international management from Thunderbird, The American Garvin School of International Management (USA).


In addition to his educational qualification, Mr. Felipe has a lot of experience and skills in the industry. Coupling all these with his leadership skills, Felipe Montoro Jens has helped the Brazilian sanitation industry achieve the great success it enjoys to date.