NuoDB’s SQL Database

Founded in Massachusetts, NuoDB uses a new technology that is in use by many huge companies around the world. These are companies like Kodiak, Dassault, UAE Exchange. The company was founded in the year of 2008 under another name. The other name was NimbusDB. The name was later changed to NuoDB to improve name recognition. The name was changed to NuoDB in 2011. NuoDB uses a patented technology called “elasticity scalable database”. The creator of this technology is Jim Starkey.

The company has received many awards over the years. It gained 14 million in venture capital investment in 2012 and was deemed an Innovation All Star by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech in the year 2014. NuoDB to this date has received over 60 million dollars in investing.

The technology is really quite impressive. The simple explanation is as follows. It is an elastic SQL database for SQL database applications operating in the crowd. It is often referred to as New SQL database. The technology is SQL database compliant and utilizes technology that allows added cloud servers to scale out without error. NuoDB makes servers in the cloud run faster and more efficiently.

A Look At The Career Of Mathematician Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a mathematician from the United States. He earned his Ph.D. in 1987 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His specialty within the field of mathematics is in the probability of Banach spaces.

His Ph.D. thesis involved solving a math problem for the law of the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions. During his professional career he has also performed work related to harmonic analysis, probability, and ergodic theory.

After earning his Ph.D. Michael Lacey earned a position at Louisiana State University as well as the University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill. Along with one of his colleagues, Walter Phillip, Lacey provided a proof of the central limit theorem.

He also worked at Indiana University for seven years during which time he earned a Postdoctoral Fellowship given to him by the National Science Foundation. His fellowship was focused on bilinear Hilbert transform.

Lacey and another colleague, Christoph Thiele, solved this problem in 1996 and they were both awarded the Salem Prize. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Michael Lacey has been a Professor of Mathematics since 1996 at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He also holds a Guggenheim Fellowship which he earned in 2004.

He is also a member of the American Mathematical Society. Another honor he holds is a Fulbright Fellowship which he received in 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As an internationally known mathematician, Michael Lacey held a 45 minute address in 1998 at the International Congress of Mathematics that was held that year in Berlin, Germany. He was also awarded a Simons Fellow in 2012 and in that same year he was given a NSF-Advance Mentoring Award by Georgia Tech.

The Impact That Entrepreneur Jason Hope Has Made In Technology

Jason Hope is a unique entrepreneur who is skilled in making predictions about the future of technology. Hope has constantly demonstrated that the future is all about The Internet of Things (IoT), and businesses or individuals have borrowed a leaf from his insights in positioning themselves strategically for the future. His believe and push for IoT is based on the fact that most devices are becoming connected devices. One of his most notable advice to budding entrepreneurs is to always stay focused on primary objectives or projects and avoid trying out various business ideas at a time.

The SENS foundation

His rare passion for technology and the entire age of IoT) have been the cornerstone of the researches conducted at the SENS foundation. In some of his publications and public addresses, Hope has made it clear that the anti-aging researches are not meant for creating life where people live forever, but instead an effort to create a longer quality way of life.
Hope claims that diseases such as Alzheimer’s, heart and lung diseases break down the body and cause faster aging. According to hope’s analogy, traditional medicine has been focused on treating diseases after they happen, instead of coming up with ideas on how to stop them from happening. He argues that the vital resources, which have been utilized in treating these diseases could have been used in laying foundations for preventing the diseases to learn more: click here.

Education and background

Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona, and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He also earned an MBA from the Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Hope has a website that is a good platform for students and entrepreneurs with startup ideas to post their business ideas and seek for grants. Hope takes time to cherry pick the applications and give out $500 to grantees to help them launch their small businesses. The process is quite simple and hassle-free because Jason Hope reckons that starting a business from the ground and nurturing it all the way to a successful enterprise can be quite challenging. Hope is always motivated by the acknowledgement that the future of the technology industry is backed by the business ideas that upcoming entrepreneurs are investing in right now.

Avaaz Enlists The World In Global Activism

Avaaz is a global community of activists who have been brought together by founder Ricken Patel and a number of global activists from Australia, the U.S., and areas of Europe. The global activist community has been changed forever as more than 44 million people have become members of Avaaz in a bid to have a positive impact on the way activist groups conduct their work in the modern digital age; becoming global activists has become one of the most important aspects of the work completed by the members of Avaaz as they work together to have a positive impact on the world.

Addressing the most important causes facing the planet does not always mean taking on the most famous issues facing the world, but identifying the areas of the most need that have been identified by a team of activists appointed by Avaaz to determine which causes are most needed to help the world. Avaaz believes the biggest fights facing the planet take in many different areas of the world and include conservation, human rights issues, and the need to battle the powers of capitalism.

The need for a great number of activists fighting the issues facing the world was identified by founder Ricken Patel as being of great importance to taking on the biggest problems in the world in the modern day. The use of digital technology includes the need to develop a new way of publicizing the problems facing the world, the use of videos has become a major way for activists to express their views on the problems facing the world. Avaaz has also made clear its desire to overcome the problems caused by the Administration of President Donald Trump over the years as he has been seen as becoming a problem for the conservation of the planet.

For further information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz

How Adam Goldenberg Created the Fashion Giant; Justfab Inc

Adam Goldenberg is a renowned individual for his immense success in the fashion industry. What most people don’t know is that Adam Goldenberg started his entrepreneurship career while he was still very young. Very few people would believe that Adam would be successful like the way he is today. Adam established his first business; Gamer Alliance while he was only 15 years old. Adam worked in the firm, and despite his young age, he was able to achieve immense success with the venture. After working with the company for several years, he then sold the business to Intermix Media.


Intermix Media then offered him a position within the company as the youngest COO of his time. While working for Intermix Media, Adam met his future business partner Don Ressler. After the Intermix Media was sold, Adam and Don Ressler went into business together and established an enterprise known as Intelligent Beauty.


Intelligent Beauty was one of the most successful ventures by Adam before JustFab. Adam Goldenberg and his partner released a series of products that were well received in the market. But they, later on, sold the company despite its success to take on a different route with their online sales. That is what culminated in the establishment of Fashion powerhouse; JustFab Inc.


Unlike the previous businesses, Adam and his partner decided to try a new business model that would allow consumers to subscribe to particular products to cater for their needs. The idea would turn out to one the best things that ever happened in the Fashion Industry. JustFab utilizes a unique approach that makes great fashion and accessories available to an average consumer. The word about JustFab spread like wildfire, and within no time, the company had millions of VIP subscribers. A combination of pocket-friendly prices and high-quality apparel made JustFab to become a household name.


Recently, JustFab Inc rebranded to Techstyle, and the company is growing at a faster rate than it was doing before. Currently, the company has over four million VIP subscribers who enjoy huge discounts on high-quality clothing items. The company has been working hard to ensure that every consumer, regardless of their body shape and size, they get fashion items that are comfortable and goes with the current fashion trends.


JustFab started six years ago as single e-commerce site selling women shoes exclusively. Today, they have five brands that include JustFab, Shoe Dazzle, Fabkids, Fabletics, and FL2. Techstyle have offices across the United States and Europe where they deliver high-quality products to millions of VIP subscribers.

A New Dawn That Is Brown Agency

Brown Agency was formerly known as Heyman Talent-South. It was re-launched after Wilhelmina Agency acquired it. As a result of these two agencies joining forces, they have the strengths of two companies as well as the capabilities of two companies, and this has made Brown Agency be the only agency in Austin that is full service and among the few that are located in Texas.

Under the wing of Justin Brown, Wilhelmina Austin was launched in the year 2010 and has thereafter risen to develop among the most esteemed organizations in Texas in regards to modeling. For the previous three years, Heyman Talent-South has grown to be among the most efficacious organizations that deal with acting as a talent. Now that these two companies have merged, the new company that has been launched will provide talent to clients, the talent has a wider portfolio that consists of the experience that they have in their respective fields, and as a result, there will be very many opportunities for them through the country.

The headquarters of the organization shall be in Texas, and they will also have offices in Dallas, and they already have offices in Los Angeles. The former headquarters of Wilhelmina Austin, Justin Brown shall become the organization’s CEO and premier while Mr. Michael B. Bonnee, the founder of Heyman Talent-South will be working in the theatrical division of Brown Agency giving out his expertise to the talents signed to the agency, mostly in the theatrical division.

Justin Brown stated that the merger of the two companies is a significant step in growing and also continue with its commitment to serving both their talent and clients. He also added that both of the agencies strive to select the best of the best and they prepare them for the larger market, and they also work towards providing the greatest specialized, graceful and trustworthy talent to their clients. Nowadays that they have merged, Mr. Brown said that they could deliver the same exact quality but on a larger scale. Some of the companies that these talents are exposed to include Toyota, Louis Vuitton, Dell, L’Oreal and many among the other famous companies.

Mr. Michael, head of Heyman Talent-South, but is currently overseeing the development of the dramaturgical split for Brown Agency said that they were very excited to be linking the Brown Agency household and that by combining their vast talent and expertise has made the merge a fascinating venture.

Details of the financial agreement of the merger were not publicized, but as for the launch of the new agency, there will be a formal celebration that is set to take place in December.



David McDonald: Succeeding in the Food Industry Business

David McDonald is among the few people who have established themselves in the food industry. David is the President of the Global food Company, OSI. OSI established in 1992 in China, and it has significantly enhanced the economy of China.

OSI has gained significant success over the years and has been recognized by many different organizations. OSI was called upon in 2008 to cater for the Beijing Olympics. The Company provides approximately 113 tons of food during the events. They handled the responsibility with professionalism. Due to their good performance, OSI received great and positive reviews from the Beijing Olympics Committee.

Despite its success, OIS operates as a private Company. They have however gained international partners. The OSI team is driven by their passion for providing quality products and services to their customers. OSI has focused its attention on offering different products. They offer their products in five categories; bacon, beef, poultry, pork, and the fried foods.

David also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. He joined the Company in 1987. McDonald is the director of the Company’s operation in Australia. McDonald has been serving at the North American Institute as the Chairman. Before assuming his current position, David David serving as the Project Manager of the OSI Company. McDonald is the Director of the Marfig Global foods which took ownership of the OSI Offices in Brazil and Europe for more info about us: click here.

David graduated from the Iowa State University with a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science. He graduated in 1987 and joined the OSI group soon after. David has proven to be a leader and an expert when it comes to running a multimillion company. McDonald has developed various skills in the course of his career that have proven to be vital in his current position. David is skilled in management, sales, food service, forecasting, negotiation, business development, leadership, strategic planning, and retail.

Technological Advancements the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Is Using In Treatment Procedures

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America aligned with the NantHeal and All scripts in establishing a forum that will run the cancer treatment proceedings without interfering with the normal work schedule of the physicians. This program is called the Clinical Pathway, according to George Daneker, a medical officer at one of the cancer treatment centers this forum will ensure the physicians have unbiased information by keeping them in the loop of contemporary data and research in the field of oncology. This system offers the patients a chance to review and opt for a treatment they are content. With taking into consideration the unique needs of a patient, the system synchronizes latest research, treatment, and therapy giving oncologists a lead on developing the most appropriate care procedure.

The Clinical Pathway program will give patients knowledge of their medical state; present them with a variety of treatment options they can choose from and current time functionality. The mode of order entry the system uses is safe for the patient to operate and with information presented comes clinical evidence to back it up. The system provides information on therapy and care delivery processes thus offering excellent quality services to its clients. The forum also provides a platform for health discussions between patients and the specialists. These open discussions instill confidence in the patients while giving them tips on improving the quality of their lives and also enables insurance providers to verify the treatment techniques offered.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America came into existence in 1988. The hospital first started in Illinois but later opened other four hospitals in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Atlanta and Arizona. These hospitals have competent oncologists specialized in using advanced technologies to offer treatment to each patient. They incorporate treatment techniques like chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery while providing effective therapy to cope with side effects of the treatment.

The headquarters of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America was in Schaumburg, Illinois before moving to Boca Raton, Florida. These hospitals have been honored by the Joint Commission and also received the Magnet Award. They have been named Top Performer on Key Quality Measures and also the US Centers for Medi care& Medicaid services.

The Evolution of the NuoDB Cloud Database

Technology evolves fast and a company has to adapt and keep up to meet their client’s needs. NuoDB is at the forefront of assisting meeting the demands of business by building smarter, more consistent databases for critical cloud applications. NuoDB offers the stability, elasticity, and availability needed by today’s most demanding hybrid cloud applications. More and more companies are turning to cloud deployments to meet the needs of their growing and technologically evolving client base. With a rapidly growing mobile clientele, they often turn to cloud technology that can support today’s cloud-based, an on-demand economy without losing any of the benefits of the more traditional relational database.
Sometimes called the “NewSQL”, NuoDB is an elastic SQL database for cloud applications that is fully SQL compliant. Each database runs across computers within or across multiple data centers, which allows the system to process more than 1 million transactions per second. More servers can be added to the network without sharding, allowing the database to distribute tasks amongst several processors. Unlike others, NuoDB is able to expand its databases by adding more servers instead of replacing hardware. This process can be run from anywhere and lets data avoid bottlenecks, meaning faster, more reliable applications running from NuoDB databases.

Class Dojo Innovates In The Classroom

Class Dojo has set out to improve the quality of education that children receive. They are doing this by working from within the classroom and uniting the teachers, students, and parents together. The Class Dojo format is able to be recreated and altered depending on the needs of the classroom. These are determined by the parents, teachers, and students working together. This fosters a more productive learning environment that the children benefit from. Class Dojo is an easy to use app that is available on all devices. This makes it ideal for parents and teachers that need to keep up with the students while they are on the move. Since the lives of parents and teachers are so busy and fast paced, this is a necessity.

Class Dojo allows the parents to have more involvement with their child’s education. The teachers and student can post photos and videos of what the class is up to. The parent is able to check it and watch their child learn in real time. Class Dojo is popping up in schools all over the world. Over 90 percent of schools in the United States use Class Dojo to promote increased learning in their school systems. It is also becoming more popular in other countries. The teacher is able to assign behaviors to the children so that the parents can keep an eye on their progress. There is also an instant messaging program inside of the app that allows the parents and teachers to communicate about important matters. The students love Class Dojo because they are able to choose their own avatar and they are able to customize it. They have also benefitted from being able to earn awards for their progress. Class Dojo has reinvented the way education is approached by parents, teachers, and students.