Keith Mann Provides Executive Leadership At DPS.

Keith Man is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners is a company that offers specialized services in alternative investment as well as hedge funding. This firm is focused on providing comprehensive and executive alternative staffing, and search services to meet the needs of big equity firms. Keith Mann         and his partners established Dynamic Search Partners in the year 2001. Since their founding this firm has assisted over 2,000 customers in the market. The company has also expanded its operations to provide their services to industries beyond staffing investments. Currently, Dynamic Search Partners are among the most respected firms holding the largest investments executive’s databases in the United States.


Keith Mann has had a remarkably outstanding performance in the executive search sector. This performance can be attributed to his vast experience in the field. With a wealth of experience of over 10 years, Keith Mann has garnered notable competence as well as a high level of efficiency. Before he and his partners established Dynamic Search Partners, Keith served Dynamic Search Executives as the managing director. A role that significantly helped him train for global financial services.


Keith Mann established the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002, which was under Dynamic Executive Search. Keith made this move upon realizing that the hedge funding sector was inadequately served for an industry with its kind of rapid development. In 2006 he expanded his service provision to provide services in the private equity industries. This was what led to the founding of the Dynamic Search Partners back in 2009. Dynamic Search Partners is dedicated to working with firms across the world providing them with alternative investment services. This outstanding company files over 200 client mandates every year by offering services to organizations from the United States, Europe as well as Asia.


Keith Mann and the Dynamic Search Partners are also reputed for their philanthropic endeavors. They recently held a fundraising event meant for Uncommon Schools. The event that took place at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden saw Dynamic Search Partners’ members come together to raise over $22,000. Keith is renowned for his commitment to providing quality services and unmatched dedication to the needs of his clients.

Wen By Chaz Is The Best Shampoo A Woman Can Buy

Wen by Chaz is the best shampoo on the market because it gives women a chance to figure out how they will fix their hair after years of neglect. Some women do not realize that their hair is in such bad shape until it is so bad that they do not know what to do. There is someone who is trying to get their hair to work for the first time, and it is very easy for people to learn how to care for their hair when they are opening the bottle. The dot that comes out of the bottle will be enough to make the hair lather, and it will treat someone’s whole head easily.

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The next step is for people to be sure that they are being consistent about how they are using it. Someone who wants to be sure that they can get their hair to come back to life needs to remember that they will have something that makes their hair fall down, be shinier and healthier. That is why people who are trying to take care of their hair need to start thinking about what will work the best. They have to try Wen by Chaz today because that will help them a lot more than just hoping that it will get better one day.

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The person that is trying to make sure that they can get their hair to look better has to try Wen. They can order it any time, and they have probably seen the advertisements for it before. This is why they need to keep checking to see how they are improving. The improvements that people are making to their hair will be much better every time they style their hair when they leave the house.

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Norka Luque: Talent and Miraculous Voice

Determination, perseverance, and dedication to music has led to Norka Luque to be a recognized singer internationally. Her unique name matches the personality of this Venezuelan, who had a spectacular debut in 2011 with her first single, and shortly after, performed at the Billboard Bash in 2012.

Norka knows how to overcome life’s challenges and find ways to succeed. More than just a pretty face, Norka Luque has fought hard to reach the position where she now shines. In a single week, Norka rose from ninth place to first in the ranking of the “Top Record Report Salsa” music in Venezuela with her tropical hit “Milagro.”

Soon, America welcomed her music and her English version song “Miracle” set a new and tropical style fusion of various genres musicals. Her innovation was a success. According to Billboard, “Miracle” reached eleventh place for a week as a favorite in dance club music.

Norka Luque has an innate musical talent running through her veins, creating new rhythms that have led her to the pinnacle among the best performers. She was nominated “Premio Lo Nuestro” in the category of Best Female Pop Artist of the Year 2011 with her first single “As You Do It”, which has earned her several awards.

There is a great quality of people who were born to be outstanding: giving up fear of taking the first step. Immediately, she earned an audition with Crescent Moon music studios of Emilio and Gloria Estefan to demonstrate her talent and won the approval of the famous music entrepreneurs.

For as long as she can remember, Norka’s music career began at a young age. As a little girl, she liked the music so much that she could not sleep without listening to it. At an early age, she recorded songs from prominent Latin artists, and a star was born.

Norka was able to develop her talent following highly advanced lessons in music, play instruments such as the piano, and dance classes with the best teachers. Combined with her potential and efforts, Norka’s earned her awards recognized as “The Golden Voice,” and won many local competitions in Venezuela.

Many adverse circumstances have made her appreciate life. Norka Luque is convinced that her destiny is the music and she is willing to convey the messages of love, hope, and courage. In 2016, this brave singer is preparing her new musical release.

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Expert Training and Functionality

Securus Technologies is a leading producer of information technology solutions for corporations that function alongside the United States penal system. In order to provide the best possible service to their customer base Securus has allowed 11 of its field technicians to enter the special certification program. This program is to be a BICSI and deals with the integration of video, audio, security, and interestingly enough project management. While these areas of focus are normative for field technician training purposes BICSI increases Mastery of skill to the next level. Not only do these field technicians now have the know-how to correctly function in a normal workplace environment but they also know correct ways of functional security and proper customer service to better serve their customers needs.

 Securus Technologies is an interesting Corporation as it focuses on the strangeness of the United States penal system. Customers are mainly inmates, individuals who have made mistakes in the past and are now serving time in prison to make up for them. Other customers involved with the corporation are the family members and loved ones of the inmates. Communication can prove to be very difficult in these environments, as visitation usually takes a long period of time. Transportation to the prison, plus added security check time removes a lot of the intimacy from the visitation process. Securus offers a free mobile application for use on Android and Apple devices which gives the solution to this time issue that inmates and their family members face. The application allows the use of seamless streaming video chat conferencing and functions no matter the environment.

It is for these reasons that Securus is an incredible choice for communications technologies and their technicians loyalty to their corporation and added training makes them more then qualified for the work they perform.

Wengie’s Matte Makeup Look For Hooded Eyes

Wengie is a beauty blogger and a healthy lifestyle YouTube “guru” of sorts. She makes videos on everything from beauty, makeup products, makeup tutorials, recipes for vegans, facial care, skin care, fashion and vegan restaurants. One of her makeup tutorial videos on her YouTube channel is for amatte makeup look for hooded eyes.


The products Wengie uses in her matte makeup look are the following makeup products and tools: Marc Jacobs Foundation, Banilla Co. CC Cream, Innisfree Foundation Brush, Maybelline Concealer, Beauty Blender, Anastasia Brow Whiz, The Face Shop Brow Mascara, Scotch Tape, Too Faced Chocolate Bar, TheBalm Schwing Eyeliner, Shiseido Eyelash Curler, Tiny Minx Lashes, Kat Von D Contour Shade + Light Palette, Etude House Fan Brush, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, ColourPop Lumiere Lipliner, The Balm Read My Lips Gloss in Grrr! and Charlotte Tilbury Blush.


Wengie starts the makeup tutorial off by mixing together a foundation with a CC cream to make her foundation look more lively. She blends her foundation in with her blending brush and a blender. She lightly applies her concealer under her eyes and onto her highlight zones, such as her t-zone and the bow of her lips. She uses a damn beauty blender to blend it out.


Her next step is to outline her brows with a brow pencil. Her trick to drawing perfect angled liner is to place a piece of sticky tape to the side of her eye at an upward angle. This allows her to draw a perfect angled liquid liner look and to create a sharp edge to her eye shadow look. She accents her eyes with a dark chocolate color above her eye’s arch so that her hooded eyes appear wider. Then she applies a lighter brownish hue above her eye lid crease. Her eye lid she applies a light cream hue. She aloso applies a touch of the light cream hue to the area below her eye brow arch. Last of all she applies angled black liquid liner onto her upper lash line.


She completes her eyelashes with some faux eyelashes that she cuts in half then glues on. She uses some brown eye shadow with a flat brush along her lower lash line to “accent” it.


She contours with a fluffy brush on the sides of her nose, temples and cheekbones. She applies a highlighter under her eyes, her nose bridge, her forehead, chin and her cupid’s bow of her lips. Lastly for contouring and highlighting she uses a blender brush.


She outlines her lips with a lip liner and then applies a lip gloss over her lip liner. For the final touch she applies blush to her cheeks lightly.


For further makeup tutorials and other beauty advice like this, you can check out Wengie’s YouTube channel and subscribe for updates from her YouTube.


Enhance Your NFL Watching Experience

The NFL has become the most popular sports industry in the country. People look forward having a hometown team to cheer for. Sports are the peak of athletic ability. NFL games are filled with suspense. People love getting together with their neighbors, firing up the grill, and opening some cold drinks while enjoying the game. The passion for sports can spill over. People will scream at the TV screen as though players can hear the yelling. The NFL is one of the most popular sports in the world. The history of the NFL is filled with all-time greats such as Peyton Manning, John Elway, Dan Marino, and Troy Aikman. Today, people enjoy watching future hall of fame players such as Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers. With the Denver Broncos winning the Super Bowl but losing their starting quarterback, this upcoming NFL season is as open as ever. People enjoy adding to their sports watching experience with fantasy sports and sports betting. This is a great way to make some extra money while watching the games.

Sports betting on NFL odds has grown into a major industry in the United States. Every NFL game comes with a line. The “favored” unit is predicted to win their game by a predicted margin of points. When deciding to place a bet on the better team, this team must win the game by a larger margin than the predicted number of points. The lines are generated with an extra half-point to guard against a push. Next, the games are made with an over/under. This is a prediction of the number of points the two teams will score together. People selecting the “over” will win the bet if the combined number of points is greater than the over/under. The over/under is created with an extra half-point to guard against a push.

There are a variety of ways for fans to place bets. Casinos in Las Vegas is the most renowned. For fans looking to use online sites, the most popular site out there is is the highest quality sports betting website available. This site is safe. The company uses the latest technology to protect sensitive financial information. In addition, the site is fastest one out there. Players who win will receive their payout immediately. Finally, this website offers innovative ways to track the NFL games. For a premier betting experience on NFL games, consider

Markus Rothkranz on Breakfast Television

Markus Rothkranz did a segment on Breakfast Television Toronto in 2011. Being a raw food expert, he shared a plethora of information on how to achieve maximum health, longevity and to slow the signs of aging using raw plant foods. The segment featured of demonstration of him creating s healthy raw food smoothie.

Rothkranz describes his dietary transition that took place over the last 20 years. He explains that in his younger years his health had been compromised, including vital organs such as his kidneys and liver. Initially he started out as a vegetarian removing meat from his diet and then later opted for a vegan lifestyle. However, neither of those diets yielded the health results he was seeking. Eventually he became a completely raw foodist. This healthy transition has caused him to appear much younger than his 50+ years of age.

The health guru goes on to explain that there are living enzymes in plants foods that are destroyed when being cooked or heated. He states that we are the only species in nature that modifies our food instead of eating it in its natural form. This results in our signs of aging that other animals do not suffer from. We are the only species to suffer from hair loss and gray hair as a result of our dietary choices. He recommends focusing on nutritionally dense food and even growing your own garden.

Markus Rothkranz states that if your food is nutritionally dense, you do not have to eat large amounts. He claims that the people that live the longest lives do not consume a lot of food.

On the segment, he demonstrates how to make a healthy raw smoothie. The smoothie contained 50% greens and the other half fruit. He states that it is best to not consume so much fruit and that half of your diet should be green vegetables.

Rothkranz also showcased his book “Heal Your Face” that further discusses how you can reverse the signs of aging through a raw food lifestyle.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is Completely Dedicated to Helping Those Afflicted with Sleep Apnea and Other Sleeping Disorders

For a long time sleep apnea was kind of an overlooked condition in the medical industry. There were very few studies conducted on the effects sleep apnea can have on a person until recent years. Because of this, medical professional in the past thought of the condition as more of an irritant rather than a serious condition.

Modern research has shown medical professionals just how detrimental the condition can really be to the health of the human body. Recent studies have shown that sleep apnea can raise a person’s chances of contracting life threatening conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The condition can also increase the chances of stroke in some people. This new found information has caused a serious search for reliable treatments.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is doing his part and more to help diagnose and treat patients suffering from the condition. Weisfogel’s years of experience in sleep disorders has led to him being renowned as the leading professional on the subject. He knows the issue requires increased awareness and extensive research.

Weisfogel founded his company Dental Sleep Masters for this particular reason. He and his team work tirelessly to help diagnose and treat those with sleep apnea. The company has created a new model that will help primary and secondary care physicians as well as, certified sleep physicians and their labs. The model will help these physicians become more adept at taking care of patients diagnosed with the condition.

About Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a New Jersey based dentist, who’s management of the offices in Old Bridge Dental Care, a dental practice he founded in 1999, has earned him being designated as “Best Dentist” for multiple years. After becoming a highly skilled and respected dentist in the industry, Weisfogel began looking into how dentists can help people having trouble sleeping. His interest in the matter became so high he began founding many companies dedicated to the cause. One of the companies he founded was Dental Sleep Masters. Dr. Weisfogel instructs many of the seminars held by the company.

Autism Rocks gives way to Autism Awareness month in Dubai

Autism Awareness has made its way to Dubai, and it starts on April 2nd. Autism Rocks, a popular and successful charity is the backbone behind the event that starts on April 2nd. There will be tons of fun activities and famous musicians there such as Tyga to help present music and action. The money that is raised through the event will be donated to research and development that are used to help aid in autism and help others become more aware. More people are becoming diagnosed every year, and are also becoming more familiar with the neurological condition. It also affects many in different ways. Some that are diagnosed are completely functional, while others need assistance. The bread and butter behind Autism Rocks is a husband and wife duo, Sanjay Shah Denmark and Usha Shah. They are passionate about helping their son, along with others, better cope with autism. Their son was diagnosed at the very young age of two and at the time, while it was hard to understand, they are better preparing themselves for the future and to help others while they manage the condition.

Shah hasn’t always been involved in charity events, in fact, he was an active businessman in the financial and investment industry for many years. Shah has owned many successful companies. One in particular being a financial investment company called Solo Capital. The company excelled at a very fast rate and grew very rapidly, allowing Shah the option to retire and pursue Autism Rocks further. The charity was founded in 2014 and has continued to successfully grow as well.

Shah started out pursuing a career in the medical industry. He wanted to become a doctor and began attending King’s College in Central London to do just that. It didn’t take him long to realize it wasn’t something he wanted to do anymore, so he changed his direction and entered into the accounting field. He began working for many different types of banking industries and began the roots and foundation of his future career. After retiring, he has been able to focus his efforts on the growth and talents associated with the foundational roots of Autism Rocks.

Your Online Brand Reputation Is As Good As Marketing

Brand reputation is not something new nor will it end any sooner. Reputation is an important part of marketing, and there is no way you can achieve success in marketing unless your business has good relations with the public. The way it works is that marketing helps branding and branding enhance marketing. Online presence management becomes difficult as a company grows. Reputation management strategies keep changing as the company grows size. When celebrities with big brands such as Taylor Swift and Rihanna are faced with problems that could affect their reputation, they have a fan base that will bury negative search results which could affect their reputation negatively.

Since corporations have no fanatics to help them manage their reputation, the only choice left is to hire social media and content managers to handle the reputation of the company. A company has several areas of reputation management that it has to put into consideration. Understand the areas of interest helps a company to know where it should improve the brand’s reputation. Critical areas include social media PR, search engine dominance, brand monitoring, negative PR management, and brand reviews and recommendations to suppress negative search results.

People do business with the partners they like, trust, and know. It is the reason entrepreneurs build a reputation of trust and integrity. What a negative reputation does to your business is that people (potential prospects) may start believing what is not true. However, the following are some of the ways you can handle a reputation attack on your business or personality with the right crisis communication tactics. The first thing is to ensure you don’t get into the mud with those attacking you. When you keep responding to attackers, it gets looking bad for you or your business and it doesn’t solve reputation problem.

Put forward a statement to your loyal customers that business will continue as usual. Situations involving harmful contents on social media may make your loyal customers feel like you may be less productive. Don’t let your business focus on the negative part and instead take the opportunity to assure your clients. You have the option to reach out to companies that offer support such as Reputation Management Fixers. Reputation Management Fixers offer reputation management services.

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